Thursday, 6 December 2007

"Egg nog on your collar and a twinkle in your eye"

My favourite song from Christmas '06 probably had to be a toss-up between Hello Saferide's iPod X-mas and Cry Cry Christmas by the Sweptaways featuring Magnus Carlson. Now, still being a relatively new kid on the blogging block, I wasn't around to eulogise about either of these songs at the time but I did allude to the greatness of the Sweptaways' seasonal offering in one of my first posts on this blog. It being the middle of June, though, it would've been a bit unseasonal to have been linking to it back then! But I think we're on safe ground now; so, for a limited time only, here's the wonderful Cry Cry Christmas in all its festive glory.

The Sweptaways featuring Magnus Carlson & The Gray Brigade - Cry Cry Christmas mp3 (available for 7 days)

Like what you hear? Then why not nip over to the Klicktrack mp3 shop and buy the Sweptaways' Cry Cry Christmas EP, which also features: Silverbells (again featuring Magnus Carlson), En vintersaga (Icy Version), and a remixed version of Wuthering Heights. Best £2.40 you'll ever spend!

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Spike said...

The Sweptaways! This is such a great song. No wonder I've put it on 2010's Christmas CD!