Tuesday, 11 December 2007

"Have you ever stopped and considered that many daily concerns can be adjourned?"

FoscaChristmas is a time for giving, and Fosca and their Swedish record label But Is It Art? are doing just that.
Fosca are currently Rachel Stevenson, Kate Dornan (also a member of Scarlett's Well), Tom Edwards and Dickon Edwards (formerly of Orlando), but the line up has changed a couple of times since the group's formation in 2000 (the picture here lacks Tom and includes former member Sheila B.).

But Is It art? released a limited edition Fosca live album, recorded at the Rip It Up festival earlier this year and, now that they are no longer selling it, you can download the entire thing for free from here. There's generosity for you!

From that, here are a couple of sparky live versions of two cracking Fosca tracks.

Fosca - It Only Matters To Those To Whom It Matters mp3 (right click)

Fosca - Come Down From The Cross mp3 (right click)

I highly recommend you nipping over there and downloading the rest. Particularly Secret Crush On Third Trombone, especially if you haven't heard it before. I guarantee you'll know it after one listen through, it's that catchy!

You can visit Fosca's slightly out of date website or their myspace page. And Fosca albums On Earth To Make the Numbers Up and Diary Of An Antibody can be bought from the Shinkansen website or iTunes. I'm a big fan of Diary Of An Antibody - title as well as album! (Fosca song titles always make me want to listen to the songs.)

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