Thursday, 13 December 2007

"No-one will know her name"

Sofia TalvikMore Christmas giving today - this time from Swedish singer Sofia Talvik, who I mentioned a while back. Sofia is generous to her fans all year round, offering plenty of free downloads and updates on what she's doing (she recently performed in the final of a competition called famecast), and not in a pushy way. I like that in an artist!

Anyway, she's made a Christmas single - cunningly entitled 'Christmas' - available for free from her website. This is the link you need:
There are even three versions of her melancholy yuletide offering in a zip folder. Thank you and merry Christmas, Sofia!

You can buy Sofia Talvik's recent Street Of Dreams CD from CD Baby or in download form from Klicktrack.

Also, Maps Magazine are doing their excellent advent calendar again this year. Each day there will be another musical treat behind a festive door. Add this to your favourites!


Kippers said...

Nice linkage! Lovely stuff :)

So It Goes said...

Nice girl, too....!

Spike said...

Why, thank you! Oh, you mean Sofia Talvik! ;o) Yes, she's a striking lass alright!

By the way, Steve, I'm really enjoying your Christmas song blogging this year. Just thought I'd say, since I keep forgetting to comment.

So It Goes said...

That's very nice of you to say so. Thanks for the thumbs up concerning IWICBCE!