Friday, 14 December 2007

The Sweptaways (and friends) invite you to a Christmas Party!

Last week I was waxing enthusiastically about the brilliance of the Sweptaways' Christmas '06 EP. What I didn't realise at the time (but learned about yesterday) was that the group have a brand new Christmas EP out for 2007. Best news I've heard all week! The lead track is the a cappella Christmas Party, which features guest vocals from Too Much Apple Pie favourite Marit Bergman, and it can be streamed on the Sweptaways' MySpace page, if you fancy a listen (which of course you should!). Splendid stuff.

Also featured on the EP are a brand new Sweptaways-only version of The Concretes' Lady December, plus the two Magnus Carlson-featured tracks from last year's EP, Cry Cry Christmas and Silver Bells. All in all an absolutely fantastic listen, and a perfect stocking filler for the Christmas music fan in your life!

Buy The Sweptaways & Friends Christmas Party EP from the Hybris webshop.

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Spike said...

That's lovely, that is! The Sweptaways and Marit Bergman together are as brilliant as they are apart!