Monday, 7 January 2008

"It's too quiet"

I like to have a good sing-a-long to things and I like it best with songs where it feels like everyone else in the world is already singing along on the record. Today there will be two fine examples of this type of thing from two Swedish bands. And both have a wintry feel about them. Lovely!

Bonnie and Clyde 'Snowstorm'Bonnie and Clyde released their debut single Snowstorm on Cloudberry Records at the end of last year and it's still available to buy. It's a proper belter, so it really is worth spending $5 (that's approximately £2.54 and includes postage) on. Bonnie and Clyde are duo Fanny Wijk & Rickard Hallin, joined by the five members of the Up To No Good's, and on Snowstorm they sound like they're playing the final song of the best gig of their lives! A wall of guitars, stirring horn section, lalala-ing, bababa-ing and a warm fuzzy feeling; best enjoyed at the highest possible volume.

Bonnie and Clyde - Snowstorm mp3 (available for 7 days)

The Concretes 'Warm Night'The second song is by blogger favourites The Concretes. Warm Night was a Christmas EP from 2004 containing 4 songs (including Lady December which was covered by the Sweptaways on their 2007 Christmas EP). The titular song is like an aural hug. It's warm and friendly and it makes me want to grab all my closest friends and force them to sing it with me. But in a nicer way than that sounds. It feels like the end of a pleasantly tipsy night with the people I like best.

The Concretes - Warm Night mp3 (available for 7 days)

You can listen to and buy music by Bonnie and Clyde at their myspace page.

You can listen to music by The Concretes at their myspace page and buy mp3s from Klicktrack.


Marky said...

'Snowstorm' is such a belting tune. Check out their other tunes on MySpace as they are great too.

Spike said...

It really is! I haven't found anything else of theirs which is quite as good yet, but I haven't given up hope!