Sunday, 6 January 2008

Let there be rock! (just this once, mind)

I was never what you'd call a huge fan of Living Colour - their songs were usually far too hard rocking and, well, "metally" for me - but I did really like a couple of their songs: the remixed version of Love Rears Its Ugly Head (a 1991 #12 smash in the UK) and, especially, the superb Glamour Boys (which failed to bother the UK top 75 but did have the consolation of scoring them a #31 hit on their home patch, in the US "Hot" 100, in 1989.)

They also get bonus kudos points for spelling their name properly - founding member Vernon Reid was originally from the UK - and for the career path taken recently by lead singer Corey Glover, who's currently to be found playing the part of Judas in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Ha! Rock on!

Living Colour - Glamour Boys (remix) mp3 (available for 7 days)

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