Sunday, 17 February 2008

"your confidence is made by teflon"

Today is my 27th birthday. In honour of this, Pocketbooks are releasing an EP entitled Waking Up and have made an mp3 from this available for free download. Okay, so it's nothing to do with celebrating my existence, but it is jolly good timing and makes me very happy!

Waking Up will be released on 19th March but you can pre-order it from Make Do And Mend Records in the UK, and Valiant Death in the US. The tracks on it will be Waking Up / Falling Leaves / Love Is The Stick You Throw / Don't Stop

Pocketbooks - Don't Stop mp3 (left click)

I love this song already! Those genderblender harmonies, those witty lyrics! It's typical of Pocketbooks and they're sounding tighter and more assured than ever before. I hear this is true of their live performances too, so if you fancy going to see them, upcoming gigs are:
Saturday 23 February - Betsey Trotwood, London (Atomic Beat Records/Spiral Scratch) with The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Wednesday 12 March - Buffalo Bar, London (Goonite Club) – with The School
Saturday 22 March - Islington Academy Bar (Feeling Gloomy)

The rest of the EP can be streamed on and you can find out more about Pocketbooks and where to buy their music at their website. Go! Go! Go!


martijn said...

Oh, happy birthday then! :)

Kippers said...

I fully expect an official 'Spike's Birthday EP' release from ver Pocketbooks to commemorate this special day this time next year now. ;)

Many happy returns! xx

lito said...

Happy Birthday!

Spike said...

Thanks chaps!

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