Monday, 18 February 2008

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One of the most enjoyable things about contributing to a blog like this has to be regularly checking the Too Much Apple Pie Statcounter account to see exactly what wild and wacky search criteria people have used to chance upon us. Here's a selection of some of our favourite searches from the past month or two (together with some of my own smart alec rejoinders in brackets immediately afterwards).

is Wincey Willis dead? (Not dead, merely resting.)

Weather toast Paul Merton (#these are a few of my favourite things!#)

i'm searching (of course you are.)

Linn Githmark nude (not here she's not. Now put that thing away.)

comedy Matthew Corbett I forget (What's that Sooty? You've got amnesia?)

Keeley Hawes Ashes To Ashes that red outfit (The Communists?!)

A Girl Called Eddy legs given rapidshare (I don't understand... Legs given rapid share in what, exactly?)

and I'm looking for someone who understands (Might I suggest you try the Samaritans?)

he wasn't there for me death (Bastard!)

she makes me go (She's a laxative?)

Linn Githmark nude (it seems nothing will dampen this naked Norwegian curling star-seeking Googler's ardour - matron!)

meatball song porn (At the risk of sounding like an an especially risque Abba tribute act here - porn again?)

download too much ass not (This week's runaway winner of the Most Nonsensical Search award. Makes me laugh every time I see it.)

find me the wicker man soundtrack on mp3 in a blog (Find it yourself, lazybones.)

ann jesus saves polyphonic (that's not what I've heard.)

Linn Githmark nude (oh for God's sake!)

Then of course there's the plethora of apple/pie related searches:

how much is an apple for a apple pie?
pie records broken
always always take the apple
I like pie to much
free living channell crane pies
how much pie is sold a year?
three girls one apple pie
meaning of apple pie in a dream
on the phone applepie talk too much
how do you spell apple in welsh?
apple clum pie

The first one, how much is an apple for a apple pie, is my favourite of those. Such incisive questioning is rarely heard outside the Newsnight studios these days!

The Mutton Birds - Come Around mp3


Anonymous said...

No idea why Lynn Githmark searches link to your page - but i think you've just guaranteed yourself another bundle of hits from that source.


chancer127 said...

Wincey Willis where is she now?

Resting?surrounded by wood?

Those were the daze, the daze of innocents and no global warming.

Spike said...

I love that Mutton Birds song! It's been ages since I last heard it.

P.S. Linn Githmark nude?

Kippers said...

Nude curling, it'll never catch on! Far too much potential for frostbite and suchlike!

Matt: Linn Githmark searches end up here because we mentioned the Norwegian women's curling team in passing in a blog entry once upon a time. Not sure where the 'nude' part comes into it though (as the actress said to the bishop).

DMAN said...

Aw ... weren't the Mutton Birds fantastic ... just great

Kippers said...

They really were, dman. I could listen to Come Around till the cows come home!