Thursday, 6 March 2008

"I've got a sketchy image of you and a habit of never seeing my thoughts through"

Foxes!Foxes! have been hanging around on my mp3 player for the best part of a year now. I just can't shake them and I have no idea why it's taken me this long to blog about them! They formed in Oxford, even though two of them are Canadian, but have now relocated to Brighton. The band consists of Kayla Bell on vocals, drums and keyboard, Adam Bell (who is married to Kayla) on guitar, vocals and keyboard, and Al Grice on bass, keyboard and percussion. (Those keyboards must really get a bit crowded!)

Foxes! play the kind catchy, melodic - but not formulaic - indie pop with strong, sweet lead vocals which ranges from the neat noisy racket produced by the likes of Dressy Bessy (only better) to the slightly more twee side of things a la Yo La Tengo. I really, really like this band a lot and strongly urge you to download the following three tracks, which are freely available from Foxes!'s (oh that's a conundrum - where to put the possessive apostrophe there?) first EP 46a Appleside Drive, which was released in May 2006.

Foxes! - 6 O'Clock mp3 (right click and save as)

Foxes! - Apples To Apples mp3 (right click and save as)

Foxes! - Art Girl mp3 (right click and save as)

You can listen to the second Foxes! EP (that got around the apostrophe difficulties!), which is called, on the Foxes! myspace page and you can buy the Anneka Rice-inspired Panda Bear Song and cafe-inspired Welcome To The Jivin' as downloads from Shifty Disco.

If you are lucky enough to have no plans for tomorrow night and can get to Brighton, you will be able to see Foxes! play live at The Ocean Rooms at 8pm.

(This is the most exclamation marks you will see in a blog post by me. Unless I blog about !!!. Which I won't. Or They Go Boom!!!. Which I may do.)

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kurt said...

ok then, i'll wait for that they go boom post. hope it'll be something from the album grand vitesse. speaking of vitesse, how about something from them as well?