Saturday, 8 March 2008

Three of a kind #35

Desmond. Crazy name, crazy guys. But who would have thought such a prosaic name could inspire so many fantastic songs? (Well, the occasional fantastic song.) If you've never heard Desmond Don't Go before, you're in for a real treat here.

Daryll-Ann - Desmond Don't Go mp3 (available for 7 days)

Smudge - Desmond mp3 (available for 7 days)

ABBA - Des Your Mother Know* mp3 (available for 7 days)

*a lot of people get confused and misremember the title of this song; I wouldn't worry if you're one of these yourself as it's quite a common problem - even the band used to do it.

In other news, there's been an ironic new development in the John Kettley (is a Weatherman)
saga. One of the manifold celebrities mentioned in the original A Tribe of Toffs song, ex-CBBC presenter Simon Parkin, has now himself become...... a TV weatherman! That's right. I saw him doing the forecast after the local news on Meridian the other night. What are the chances, eh?

Download the brilliant Happy Traum by Daryll-Ann at It's quite possibly Too Much Apple Pie's favourite album of the past ten years!


Spike said...

I love Desmond Don't Go! Cracking Three Of A Kind, there.

dickvandyke said...

Lyneham looks like Jason King's older brother and smoother than a bucket of snake shit.

Definately 1 for the laydeez. (And boys who like that look).

Kippers said...

Cheers, Spikey. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Yes, dvd, it must have been reassuring for Des to know that he could have had a career as a male model (for barbers shop pictures and the like) to fall back on, had the old radio & TV presenting thing never worked out.

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Hello, I just found you through Mick's birthday post over there.

I actually really rather like John Kettley Is A Weatherman.

There I said it and it's too late now.

I'm not so sure about Des Lyneham though, he has a distant look in his eye that makes it seem he could go all David Icke on us at any given moment

Lovin' yer blog!

All the best,

Ian TB

Kippers said...

Hey Ian TB! Good to see you.

Yes, we really like John Kettley Is A Weatherman too. Funnily enough it's probably the most popular song we've ever put up here, in terms of the amount of guestbook reaction it got when we originally blogged about it. (we ended up having to repost the song, so in-demand was it!)

I wonder if David Icke still rides a bike, by the way? ;)


JC said...

thanks for making me smile.....

Kippers said...

You're welcome, jc.