Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Three of a kind #38

Footballers can be an unsavoury bunch at times. Well, quite a lot of the time actually. With this in mind, today's Three of a kind is dedicated to Derby County manager Paul Jewell, who's been caught out by one of the tabloid newspapers playing away from home - and not in the footballing sense.

Paul's been a silly boy, you see, and allegedly produced (and directed!) home-made porn videos of himself having extramarital rumpo, strapping his lady friend to a bed and doing all sorts of saucy things normally reserved for the letters page of Fiesta. And now the papers have got hold of said tape - quelle surprise! - and the shit has really hit the fan; or rather hit the newspaper in question with the threat of legal action, and they've been forced to remove the story from their website.

Anyway, I'd never be so uncouth as to make any crass jokes about him being the first person on Derby's payroll to score this season, or about his boys taking a hell of a beating, so here, instead, are three songs on a theme.

William Bell - Headline News mp3

The Dylans - My Hands Are Tied mp3

Daryll-Ann - You're So Vain mp3

(mp3s available for 7 days)

NB: I was intending to include an old Juliana Hatfield B-side, Put It Away, in today's selection, but I rather tragically couldn't find my copy of the single it featured on. Ho hum.

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I Am Not The Beatles said...

As if Gene Simmons wasn't enough... a sex tape starring Paul Jewell.

Good God.

I fear the previously strictly maintained high standards in sextapeland are seriously starting to slip.

Not that I saw the one with Gene Simmons in it.


marmiteboy said...

Haven't you got any Arab Strap?

Kippers said...

Gene Simmons has been at it too?!

Sadly I didn't actually know what an arab strap was (other than a Scottish band and part of a Belle & Sebastian song title) until I Googled it a minute ago. I've led a very sheltered life!

Kippers said...

In hindsight, though, The Boy With The Arab Strap would have been an excellent choice!