Monday, 24 March 2008


I've been listening to Hush* by the curiously-named Sad Day For PUPPETS a fair bit lately; I really cannot get enough of this song at the minute. If you liked bands like Ride, Lush and My Bloody Valentine, then this one should be right up your street. It's pure 1991 - in 2008.

Sad Day For PUPPETS - Hush mp3 (available for 7 days)

*Relax, those of you with an aversion to faux-psychedelic Britpop-era bands - this has absolutely nothing to do with Kula Shaker or any songs that particular combo may have recorded.

Sad Day For PUPPETS' (I'll never get used to those block capitals!) debut EP Just Like A Ghost is released on April 9th. You can order the CD here. You'll also be able to purchase all 6 tracks as a download for a bargain £1.35 here.


toby said...

been spending a lot of time at their myspace listening to them as well.

Spike said...

That's brilliant! Jangly!

marmiteboy said...

Long live music like this. Fantastic stuff.