Sunday, 30 March 2008

Three Of A Kind #39

Three bands, three songs, one common title - the rather motivational-sounding Get Yourself Together. Has any other title ever produced three such different but equally brilliant songs? Quite frankly, I doubt it!

Firstly, we have French band Tahiti 80's gently encouraging pop nugget from their 2002 album Wallpaper For The Soul. This could well be enough to make me snap the hell out of any mood! (myspace / website)

Tahiti 80 - Get Yourself Together mp3 (available for 7 days)

Secondly, here's The Jam's slightly less altruistic but no less rousing take on the title, which can be found on the 1992 Extras album. (fan website)

The Jam - Get Yourself Together (live) mp3 (available for 7 days)

Finally, British band Velocette sing in French on this version of their sparkling debut single from 1997. This song has reared its lovely head at several important moments in my life and has secured itself a place in my top ten favourite songs ever, even though I dont officially have one.

Velocette - Get Yourself Together (French version) mp3 (available for 7 days)

You can buy music by all three bands from

And since I love the song so much, here's the video for Velocette's English version of Get Yourself Together:


Kippers said...

Great stuff! Thanks Spikey.

Get yourself together might also prove salutary advice to all those sad sacks currently cluttering our Statcounter page with searches for pics of a certain English actress in the nip!

Kippers said...

Velocette's singer looks/looked like a strange hybrid of Sue Perkins and Louise Wener BTW!

Dennis said...

My favourite song with this title might be by Henry's Dress:

(although admittedly, I haven't heard the Velocette song yet!)

Spike said...

You're right there, kippers! Good observations!

Cheers for that, Dennis. I hadn't heard their cover of that before! Mind you, I haven't heard the Small Faces original version, either.

lito said...

Velocette's Get yourself together is a great song, but my favourite Velocette's song is "Bitterscene", I love that song.

Kippers said...

Biterscene's my favourite too, Lito. Spike and I were talking about that song on the phone tonight funnily enough!

Kippers said...

Or Bitterscene, even. (I do know how to spell, really!)

Spaceboy said...

Oh god. This is great!

marmiteboy said...

How I love Tahiti 80. They are a truely great pop band.

alex said...

I love love love the Velocette track, and hearing the French version is even better! Thank you!

ally. said...

oh i shouldn't've watched that video. they had my guitar. my beautiful baldwin twelve string semi acoustic with the violin head stock. i sold it during an particularly lean period and have missed it desperately over all these years despite never really being able to play the bugger.
and weller should be shot for crimes against cover versions.