Friday, 28 March 2008

Search Us II

Ahh, stupid web searches, where would we be without them? A couple of posts worse off on this blog, for a start. But that's by the by. I'm pleased to announce that the daft Googlers have been out in force once again following our previous round-up of misguided internet searches, and we can now proudly present the latest batch of hit-and-hope merchants who have, invariably forlornly, ended up chancing upon us here.

youtobe (No, mekippers. Yousemiliteratepranny.)

I'm nervous everytime I wake up (Are you sharing a cell with Peter Sutcliffe, by any chance?)

too much, pale, *porno (Proof that excessive masturbation plays havoc with your punctuation.)

somebody's got too (Not to mention your grammar.)

a silly dream (That's nice, dear.)

nude curling (Ooh no! You'd freeze your bits off.)

Norwegian women nude (Oh alright then, but only if they're curling.)

Nude curling us women ( Tcha! You women and your nude curling.)

Linn Githmark picture (OK, here she is. Now get off my back!)

martin newell mediafire or sendspace or zshare or megaupload or rapidshare or sharebee (or you could always just go out and buy the CD, Mr Stingy Pants.)

Keeley Hawes nude Ashes To Ashes
Keeley Hawes nude
Keeley Hawes nude
Keeley Hawes nude
Keeley Hawes nude
Keeley Hawes naked
(Hang on, I'm sensing a theme here!)

Pergament nude ( And what, may I ask, is wrong with Keeley Hawes?)

Wincey Willis death (How many times must we keep going over this? Wincey is still very much alive and kicking. With these...

Wincey Willis legs (Go on, admit it, it was you who Googled this one, wasn't it?)

Abba risque outfits (Sadly we've long since deleted those pictures of Benny and Bjorn in posing pouches.)

Watch out boy man ideal (It's like they're trying to tell us something!)

Has anyone ever ordered from Hot Stuff in Sweden? (What, the successful, long-established mail order record store? I'm guessing they probably have, yes.)

shoo boy (No way! I was here first!)

shoo for you (Only if it's not too much trouble.)

She is the title of a song written by Charles Aznavour (I know she is. And will she ever let us forget it? No she will not!)

porn videos on Blogspot (Porn? On the internet? That'll be the day.)

And not forgetting the usual shedload of apple/pie-related madness:

how pie effects the music genres you like
songs with the word pie in it
what is pie?
spell apple pie
what's in your apple pie
catch phrase pie
the meaning of apple pie
the song called it's too late for apple pie
I don't like apple pies
pies sold a year
how much are pies
songs about apple pies
a song about apple pies
bye bye pie
apple pie c
what is in pies
david dear ms applepie
easy apple pie blog
much apple pie lyrics
song about a girl being called apple pie
Sam apple pie the band
Who wrote pie

So there you go. An extraordinarily high standard of barmy searches this month, I'm sure you'll agree. And, much like the titular characters in a game of Space Invaders, or Friends repeats on E4, they just keep coming. Stay tuned for another exciting instalment soon!

In the meantime, have a listen to the fantastic Help Me Roada by melodic New Yorkers LOOKER, who become the second band featured on here this week to favour the use of GRATUITOUS BLOCK CAPITALS. The scamps!

LOOKER - Help Me Roada mp3 (available for 7 days)

Buy LOOKER stuff here. (That link also features, rather handily, a full band biography.)

LOOKER's MySpace page


Spike said...

That's a sweet little song. I never googled anything about Wincey Willis, honest! How does pie effect (sic) the music genres you like?

P.S. Linn Githmark nude?

I Am Not The Beatles said...


Over at my place, 25 people this month have also been forced to listen to Rockin' Sydney singing Don't Mess With My Toot Toot, after searching for me shagging your wife.


Ian TB

Kippers said...

Arf! Serves them right, Ian TB!

*childish voice*
Spike loves Wincey!
Spike loves Wincey!

P.S. What is point pie effect?

lito said...


Here are some of the searches in my blog

- circus powerpop gigashare or megaupload or upload2 or mysharebox or turboupload or rapidshare or 4shared or yousendit or zshare or ultrashare

- penis enlargement

-tías feas (translation: ugly girls), I'd prefer to search beautiful girls :-)

Kippers said...

Hi Lito! I've never heard of circus powerpop before but it's giving me disturbing visions of a bunch of clowns with electric guitars!

Just as an update on our own searches: 31 different people have found this blog by searching for Keeley Hawes nude/naked in the past 36 hours. That's an awful lot of disappointed tossers!

karthika said...

Sweet song...

aegan stills, songs