Wednesday, 23 April 2008

"I am melting for no reason"

Hari and Aino
Last time I wrote about Hari and Aino, they had just released a single on Cloudberry Records. This year in March they released their first full-length album on Plastilina Records and I finally got around to buying it a couple of weeks ago. I'd really been looking forward to hearing more from this great Swedish band and I wasn't disappointed!
Here's a couple of tracks from the eponymous Hari and Aino album:

Hari and Aino - Finland mp3 (right click and save as)

Hari and Aino - Seasons mp3 (right click and save as)

There are ten tracks in all and I haven't found a weak one yet! My current favourites are Lousy Day and Your Heartache And Mine, but this genuinely is a high-quality record full of catchy gems. You can hear more from the album on Hari and Aino's myspace page and buy it from Plastilina Records.

I get the feeling that this is one of those albums that I'll never get tired of and love more and more as time passes, which is exciting as I already love it quite a lot! If you like jangling guitars, sweet female lead vocals and direct lyrics (quite frankly, who wouldn't?!), Hari and Aino might be right up your alley.


lito said...

I have the single they released on Cloudberry and I like it very much, there are a lot of great bands on that label.

I love jangling guitars and sweet female lead vocals so I suppose I'll buy the album too.

Elido said...

I totally agree. I bought album Apple Crumble Store Japan. Very very great especially track called "Hannah and I". Guitar play like twee in backstroke style very lovely. Best guitar play ever. Please buy! You love the record.

Mark said...

Got my copy yesterday and am looking forward to playing it. Thanks for giving Hari & Aino a review, as the album does not seem to have received much publicity since its release. Thumbs-up to Plastilina for releasing the CD!