Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Inverurie once played Airdrie in the Cup

You know how every now and then a song comes along that you just can't stop listening to? Something you have to keep playing again and again because of its sheer, ineffable wondrousness? Well one such instant classic has entered my consciousness in the past 24 hours - a song which I'm certain is going to remain a favourite of mine for, well, until such time as I pop my clogs, really.

It has everything the discerning comedy pop fan could want: a rousing, singalong chorus; some poorly impersonated Scottish accents (and one real one); bits of a classified Pools check; and even a mention of curling! What more could you possibly ask for?

The track in question - The Highland League - is from blog favourites I, Ludicrous, and, rather thrillingly, is from their brand new (well, actually two months old, but new by my standards) Dirty Washing CD, which can be bought, along with other fantastic I, Ludicrous merchandise, for a trifling £5 direct from the band's official website. I'd strongly recommend you do exactly this, anyway, as the CD is full to bursting with acerbic pop gems.

Here's a full track listing:

1. Argument in the Laundrette
2. The Highland League
3. The Ruby Wax Song
4. Chav It Up With Jeremy Kyle
5. Finding Things Out About John

You really haven't lived until you've heard Chav It Up With Jeremy Kyle!

But anyway, yes, on to the matter in hand. You can keep your namby pamby lowland leagues, here - strictly for one week only - is I, Ludicrous' anthemic tribute to the one and only Highland League. Och aye!

I, Ludicrous - The Highland League mp3 (available for 7 days)

Listen to more I, Ludicrous gems on the band's MySpace page.


JC said...


Its a long story.....but I'm someone who watches Buckie Thistle at least once a season (I even once contributed an article to a match programme.....)

I've passed this onto a few other HL fans...I hope they drop by and sing your praises.

I'm off to spend £5 on an EP.

Kippers said...

Great stuff, JC. Best fiver you'll spend all week.

I'd also highly recommend their 20 Years In Showbusiness double CD, if you've not heard that before. It has quite a few football-based songs (and some cracking non-football-related ones too!).