Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Pets are people too you know

On Monday it was a song about a downtrodden, depressed household pet (Joey the Budgie - do keep up!); today we're featuring a band who are actually (chortle) called Pets. Imagine that. And here they are in picture form, looking by turns mean 'n' moody and, well, quite smiley really.

Hailing from Sweden (just for a change), and describing their music as "Hawaiian gutter pop", Pets have had a number of demos up on their website for a couple of years now. The best of these by a country mile is the brilliant A Good Day For Telling Lies, which, typically, seems to have disappeared from the site now after a recent revamp. Bah! Thwarted again.

But wait! As luck would have it, I have an mp3 of this very song to hand. It really is pure pop perfection, and may just be the best song you download all week. Don't believe me? Then get yer lugholes round this, tweacle! (Oh dear, I appear to have turned into Pete Beale here.)

Pets - A Good Day For Telling Lies (demo) mp3 (available for 7 days)

Superb, no? The band have also, as of 2008, landed themselves a deal with April 77 Records, and an official 7" release for A Good Day For Telling Lies, presumably with a shiny new remix, is on the way in September. As Pete Beale himself might have put it - blimey!

Get yer lovely fruit 'n' veg 'ere, missus! Two parnd a parnd!

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