Saturday, 3 May 2008

Paris When It Sizzles

Hello. I'm Kippers and I love cheesy-yet-magnificent eighties Europop. Thank you.

Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita mp3 (available for 7 days)

I also love the accompanying video, which, rather cunningly, was shot around the streets of the French capital. See what they did there? Ryan Paris - in Paris! The zany funsters. It's not as if Ryan Paris was even his real name - he'd actually been born Fabio Roscioli in Rome thirty years earlier.

Anyway, in light of this decision to film the video in the city from whence his new surname was purloined, I'd imagine young Mr Roscioli must have been mighty relieved that he hadn't chosen, say, "Ryan Beirut" or "Ryan Clacton-on-Sea" as his pop star nom de plume instead. Could have been nasty.

Here's the promo anyway. As well as Ryan unselfconsciously lip-synching and wiggling his hips for all his worth in front of various Parisian landmarks, look out for lots of gratuitous shots of Parisian laydees going about their daily lives presumably completely unaware that their every move was being filmed for inclusion in a piece of classic Euro fromage. I'm guessing the pair of rollerskating vixtresses circling our man on that busy thoroughfare were actually on the payroll, though, and not merely irresistibly drawn in by Ryan's boyish good looks and exquisite taste in très chic sleeveless cardies. Mind you, who could blame them if they were?

Ryan Paris has his own MySpace page! Have a gander!


Spike said...

That wasn't as bad as I remembered! It's a catchy little number, isn't it? And the video is hilarious!

Kippers said...

I think you mean that's *even better* than you remembered! ;) Je T'Aime that vid!