Saturday, 5 April 2008

Three of a kind #40

Shameless self-indulgence abounds on today's Three of a kind as we commemorate the occasion of my and Spike's first ever go at curling, last night, at England's only dedicated curling rink.

Now, some people are very sniffy about curling and dismiss it as being merely housework on ice and not really a proper sport at all. But these people are clearly lazy, easily-pleased morons who are probably just parroting a smartarse comment Rory McGrath or someone once made for a cheap laugh on They Think It's All Over, after Rhona Martin's team won Olympic gold for Scotland Great Britain in 2002. It's actually a great team sport which must take a hell of a lot of skill to perfect and perform at the highest level - and it's thoroughly enjoyable to participate in to boot. All that sweeping really wears you out too!

Anyway, while the Too Much Apple Pie crew may not have emerged as curling prodigies or dead certs for the GB team at the next winter Olympics (or even spotted anyone doing it sans clobber), we didn't 'alf have fun. Which is what it's all about at the end of the day, right kids?

some synchronised curlers earlier today

Spearmint - Sweeping The Nation mp3

The Temptations - Papa was A Rolling Stone (1987 remix) mp3

My Life Story - Under The Ice mp3

(mp3s available for 7 days)

Buy music or try curling.


Spike said...

I love that Spearmint song - another great list song! We should make a list of list songs...

Kippers said...

What a good idea. They do seem to crop up with amazing regularity round here, so there must be oodles of them out there (wherever "there" is!).

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Start with every single song written by A House.

Ah, My Life Story.

I still own their first few cd singles on Mother Tongue which are worth a few quid, and are also really rather good.

I never saw them live them though, and would love to know how they managed on such a small budget.

Kippers said...

I always liked the name of their fan club/information service type thing: Sex & Violins.

Should have been massive anyway, this lot. Some great songs, even at the death when the orchestra section had been cut back to about three - due, presumably to pesky budgetry restraints.

JC said...

Curling is a bastard of a sport to try and master.

Tried it once and quickly discovered I was useless.

Its like snooker and darts - it all looks so easy and you end up feeling like a right dickhead when your obvious inability soon manifests itself.