Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Can you Twig it?

Monosyllabically-monikered Swedish types Twig have a new album, Life After Ridge, out on Plastilina Records; I think you might rather like it. Have a butchers at this video of them performing an acoustic version of the opening track, Ciao Ciao Bomb, in Stockholm's Public Library earlier this month. (keep an eye out for an unscheduled appearance from a member of the public right at the end - hilarious!)

This next track's a belter too. It sounds spookily like Edwyn Collins covering New Order. It's also, coincidentally, the second (completely different) track going by the name of Indigo - both by Swedish bands - that we've featured on here over the past few months. What are the chances?!

Twig - Indigo mp3 (for 7 days)

Buy Life After Ridge here.

1 comment:

Spike said...

I love Twig. I'm very excited about the album!