Friday, 31 October 2008

Last Night Some DJs Had Some Strife

So then, When Boys Talk by early-80s funksters Indeep. I'd never heard this song until today, when I chanced upon it while listening to an old dance music compilation I'd recently got hold of. But stone me, if the lyrics don't pretty much sum up the antics of the two goons in the picture above on the now infamous edition of Russell Brand's (now defunct) BBC Radio 2 show that's been dominating the UK news headlines all week. Have a listen - it's at least slightly uncanny!

Indeep - When Boys Talk mp3


Davy H said...

This may be only the 2nd complaint you've had about your awful puns but just wait till the Mail On Sunday picks up on it.

Kippers said...

Should I just resign now and save everyone a lot of silly bother, do you think?