Sunday, 2 November 2008

Three of a Kind #62

Today's tracks all feature belting vocal performances from Scotland's answer to Tammy Wynette, Monica Queen. I'd been quite the fan of her erstwhile combo Thrum back in the day (ie 1994) and So Glad especially still sounds as fab as ever. I was a bit taken aback to learn that Thrum have only received a total of 1304 plays on Last FM when I checked earlier, though, as it would seem to imply that this band didn't make quite the sort of impact they should have. Ah well. Perhaps we can bolster that tally a bit ourselves, eh, readers?

You may or may not remember those songs, but you'll definitely know the Belle & Sebastian track, Lazy Line Painter Jane, already (probably). This remains my favourite song of theirs, chiefly because of Monica's vocals. (I was always a bit underwhelmed by the Murdoch fella's solo vocal efforts on their records, so the presence of Ms Queen on this one gives it some much needed oomph, for me.)

Anyway, I don't care what that Morrissey and his cohorts once spuriously claimed, the Queen quite obviously ain't dead, and here's the proof!

Thrum - So Glad mp3

Thrum - Here I Am mp3

Belle & Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane mp3

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david said...

Curiously, I'm just discovering Thrum despite being a big B&S fan for a long time - in fact I'd heard about Monica Queen without knowing about Thrum. So good timing for me. Cheers!

victor noir said...

her two solo records are godlike, especially 'return of the sacred heart'.

marmiteboy said...

Great stuff. I saw Monica perform with B&S at The Royal Albert Hall about 7 years ago and she was the best thing about the gig. Her voice just filled the place. I' a big B&S fan and 'Lazy Painter..' is their finest moment in my opinion.

Thrum are darn good an' all.

Anonymous said...

Was lucky enough to see her perform Lazy Line painter Jane with B&S in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow and it was wonderful, I don't know if it's on u-tube but it was on one of the cds of Funny Little Frog, worth investing in.
Always thought she sounded quite like Maria McKee, without the show-offy bits.