Thursday, 4 December 2008

Wonderful Tonight

Another one from the old 12" pile tonight, and once again we're paying a visit to the early 90s indie scene, this time with the Wonderful Lie EP by Mexico 70.

Mexico 70 had been quiet since staging football's World Cup two decades earlier, but the venerable host country came out of retirement in late 1991 to record the aforementioned EP on Cherry Red Records. Only joking. It had actually gone on to re-host football's premier tournament in 1986, so had been far from idle in the intervening twenty-one years.

Now, as lies go, that wasn't a particularly wonderful one, was it? The Wonderful Lie EP by the Windsor-based combo that were Mexico 70, on the other hand, really was rather wonderful. Or at least half-decent. The title track is an especially catchy slice of guitar pop; one of those songs that, the instant you first hear it, you think you must have heard somewhere before. Only you probably haven't. Unless you went around spending your hard-earned on slightly obscure indie EPs in the early 90s as well. Which, to be fair, you may well have done if you're reading this blog. But I digress. Let's have the song, shall we? I think that'd be for the best.

Mexico 70 - Wonderful Lie mp3

Mexico 70's album, The Dust Has Come To Stay, is available from the Cherry Red Records website.


Davy H said...

This lot were a name to drop in hip circles for about a month I seem to recall. Bless you for having some Kips.

Anonymous said...

They knocked out a few cracking tunes. My personal fav was 'What's in your mind'. Its worth tracking down 'The dust has come to stay' which is a compilation of several EPs. They released a couple of other albums which never quite matched the early stuff though.