Friday, 9 January 2009

ABBA some Blancmange

A fantastic song and video today, courtesy of early-eighties keyboard botherers Blancmange. Their version of The Day Before You Came is undoubtedly my favourite ABBA cover (yes, better even than the ABBA medley by Steps, B*Witched, Cleopatra and Billie. Imagine that), and the wistful charm of the video complements the song beautifully. Look out for a cameo from Agnetha Faltskog herself too.

Blancmange - The Day Before You Came mp3

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: The author in the line "The latest one by Barbara Cartland or something in that style" had been Marilyn French in the ABBA original, but the Blancmange lads obviously had a soft spot for the works of the pink-clad, romantic novel-spouting old Dame! (There's no accounting for taste!)


Davy H said...

I must admit I always thought they were taking the piss with this, and watching the vid for the first time all these years later, I'm still not convinced they aren't! Haven't they just clipped Agnetha in there from old ABBA promos anyhow?

Kippers said...

Ahh, actually, watching again, I think you're right about them clipping previously used footage of Agnetha in there.

That's never a piss-take though. For a start it's not funny, and for a finish it's actually better than the original (IMO)!

The Wolfmen said...

Have you heard the Pete Shelley/ABBA mashup - Does your homosapien know