Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Camping it up

Blimey, I never saw this one coming. After an eight-year hiatus, A Camp, side project of Cardigans singer Nina Persson and Atomic Swing frontman Niclas Frisk, are back. The new album, Colonia, will be released in Scandinavia on January 28th, England and continental Europe on February 2nd, and North America on April 28th. (They've plumped for a "coldest goes first" policy.)

Ahead of that here's the video for new single Stronger Than Jesus (which can also be found on the latest Word Of Mouth CD with this month's Word magazine).

On a similarly Swedish note, many congratulations to Hello Saferide's Annika Norlin, who's just won a prestigious Swedish Grammis award for Best Lyrics. Well done that woman!


Davy H said...

What a excellent 'Top Of The Pops' circa 1975-style video that is! The song's tip top too (but I'll have to have another cup of tea and a sit down now because that Persson woman gives me the vapours).

Kippers said...

The vapours? Not in a Turning Japanese style, obviously! ;)