Friday, 30 January 2009

Search Us V

It's nigh-on four months since we last had one of these, so I reckon it's high time for another round-up of unwittingly funny web searches that've ended up finding their way here (together with some of my helpful responses).

slogans for pie selling (What are we selling? Pies! When are we selling them? Now!)

can I get the song kinky boots by honor blackman on a compilation CD? (I don't know, can you?)

guess the song title (Er... How Much is That Doggie in the Window? Camouflage? Rivers Of Babylon? Just Say No?)

car accident on pie 25th jan (Oh dear. I hope no one was crust to death or anything)

party like it's fucking 1985 (alright! If I fucking must!)

george cole and dennis waterman recorded a song what are we gonna get for er indoors, where can I find this? (I dunno. Have you tried down the back of the settee?)

dreams snake swallowing an apple pie (Ahh, the old snake-swallowing-an-apple-pie dream. A common one, this. It means you're going to die. Soon)

there's no.... in place, there's no on your face (That's nice, dear)

is too much apple pie bad for you (Not at all. It's like crack in that respect)

where did apple pie come from? (The apple pie fairy)

my first earthquake (The must-have toy for 2009. Available from Hamleys and all good seismologists)

the wedding present too much cherry pie (*sigh* Did they learn nothing from the apple pie incident?)

rubbish boyfreind (True, true. But at least I can spell)

katie derham new hair october 2008 (Just the one?)

what part of the us does apple pie come from? (Let's not go there)

what does wincey willis and john kettley have in common (They iz both wel old innit)

wincey willis email address (

how much does susie dent get paid (Not enough)

how much apple pies (Too much apple pies!)

manager of newcastle bill chumbawamba (Must've been Joe Kinnear's maiden name)

hot dogs, apple pie, chevrolet, maestro (Interesting. I would have said maestro, hot dogs, chevrolet, apple pie myself.)

heaven is a half pie song if I doggies work in whate (Wise words, mate)

i'm getting round (Well, if you will follow that All Doughnuts, All The Time diet...)

eating too much apple (makes your nipples fall off)

when will we get a cover for now that's what I call music 72 (Next Thursday week, just after lunch)

bumptious tosser (It's a fair cop)

linn githmark nude (Yeah, right, like you're ever going to find any nude stars here. Oh)

Garageland - Nude Star mp3


Mick said...

That's all very well but where are the naked Keely Hawes pictures?

Davy H said...

Here I reckon.

You get some wicked searches innit though?

Kippers said...

She must've felt a right tit filming those scenes. And a left one.

Davy H said...

"Taxi for Kippers"

Kippers said...

*makes a dash for taxi, sidestepping fruit and veg-based projectiles on the way*

Mick said...

Watch out for those juicy melons! Arf!

Kippers said...

LOL! You don't get many of those to the pound, Sid!

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