Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Dubious But Decent

In which we once again shamelessly rip off draw inspiration from Gideon Coe's now-defunct Dodgy But Great series of surprisingly fantastic songs by tragically-unhip artists, which formed an integral part of his much-missed mid-morning show on BBC 6 Music a few years ago (until, inexplicably, he binned it).

Today it's the turn of Scottish actress and singer Barbara Dickson, and her 1980 #11 smash January, February - which actually entered the charts in March. Oh the irony. This song is ridiculously good, anyway; the video's not bad either, despite the fact that in it Barbara appears to be auditioning for Stars In Their Eyes as Brian May. (She also appears to have nicked my mum and dad's patio table and chairs, but that's famous people for you - no respect.)

Barbara Dickson - January, February mp3 (for 7 days)

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: I Know Him So Well, Barbara's 1985 duet with Elaine Paige, remains in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling female duet of all-time, narrowly pipping Shampoo's Trouble and Daphne & Celeste's Ooh Stick You to the title.


Davy H said...

Has a very TMAP Scandinavian band with a skinny blonde female singer not covered this yet? Kips! You may start a revolution! (of sorts).

Lynsey De Paul next?

Kippers said...

Vive la revolution!

I'm afraid I've not got any of Lynsey's records, Davy. Will Owen Paul do?

Pete Green said...

This is one of loads of songs from around 1980 which I can't decide whether they're surprisingly decent or whether I just like them cos they remind me of when I first noticed pop music.

This one mostly sounds nice but it's a good job that guitar solo's so short.

Kippers said...

I can't help feeling they missed a trick there, in not getting the actual Brian May to play that solo.

A lot of these songs are probably best viewed through nostalgia goggles (or should that be listened to through a nostalgic ear trumpet?). I'm at least 89.26% certain that this one stands the test of time, though.

Or am I? I just don't know any more! Damn your eyes, Pete Green!


JC said...

They outsold Mel & Kim?????