Monday, 16 February 2009

They haven't stopped dancing yet (probably)

And now, live from the Empire Ballroom Leicester Square, it's... the Maudsley Hospital Patients' Day Release Party 1979 UK Disco Dance Finals!

Click here to watch Part Two (for some reason embedding's been disabled on this bit)

Sadly that seems to be that as far as available footage of this particular contest goes, so we may never know who won. It's probably just as well, mind, as, after twenty minutes or so of being force fed I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet on a constant loop, together with all that energetic dancing, whooping from the audience and bad puns from cheesy voiceover man, you end up feeling quite worn out. It's well worth a look, though, as some of that dancing - not to mention the outfits - has to be seen to be believed.

Still, though, how about "Downtown" Julie Brown being one of the contestants! (What do you mean "Who?".) And what an impressive panel of judges: Anthea "Give us a twirl" Redfern, Tessa "I'm Free!" Wyatt and Patti "Mr Grimsdale!" Boulaye, to name but three. Those are some mightily impressive gigantic glasses the woman Boulaye's wearing there, too. She'd certainly give Su Pollard a run for her money in the specs appeal stakes. (Apologies for that last bit - I've clearly been infected with the spirit of cheesy voiceover man and his "hilarious" quips.)

Oh, and who is that smoothy presenter bloke with the open-necked shirt and FAB FM-esque mid-Atlantic drawl? Anyone know? What a git anyway! If he was made of chocolate he'd eat himself!

Anyway, there's loads more of these old UK disco dance final clips from similar years for you to gawp at over on YouTube if you're a masochist and/or slightly insane.

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