Friday, 13 February 2009

Three of a Kind #77

Valentine's Day was invented in 1927 by executives at Wallmark Cards who saw it as an easy way to fleece money from the lovestruck while simultaneously pissing off and further alienating already embittered singletons the world over. Al Capone hated it so much that he even tried to have Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon bumped off on February the so-called 14th. And all because the lady didn't love Milk Tray. Well really!

On the plus side, Valentine's Day gives modern-day bloggers everywhere the perfect excuse to put up some cheesy old love songs they wouldn't get away with posting during the rest of the year. Which almost makes the whole cynical exercise in shifting overpriced greetings cards and teddy bears with red, heart-shaped "I love you" cushions tied around their necks worthwhile, as far as I'm concerned. Hurrah!

D Train - You're The One For Me mp3

Madder Rose - The Love You Save mp3

Darts - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love mp3


dickvandyke said...

Love that pic of The Lovers.

How come I don't know that Darts track?

Your tale of teddy bears and red cushions reminds me of when, after a 'couple' of beers, I sat on the bus home from town one 14th February with a 5 foot Pink Panther.

Grumpy driver made me pay for an extra ticket as said stuffed cat took up a seat! Miserable twat. Why, had he never been in lust with a girl with pendulous breasts and ran the gauntlet of ridicule in the vain hope of a blow job?

Kippers said...

Percy filth!

I wouldn't have charged you for slapping your five-foot pink friend onto the seat beside you BTW Dickie.

Mind, you'd think there'd at least be some sort of concessionary fare scheme in place for oversized fluffy toys travelling on the nation's buses. But no. No wonder everything's going to rack and ruin.

I'd never heard the Darts track either (it peaked at about #43), but it turned up on an old compilation I bought on one of my charity shop jaunts a while back, and I absolutely love it. Should have been a hit.

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Bloody hell, I own the D Train song on 12" (a smilar thing to the singles - my local record shop sold 5 for a £1) and always secretly admired it.

And, yes, I am amazed I've never heard that Darts track either.