Thursday, 12 February 2009

Three of a Kind #76

I don't know about you, but it's normally at about this time that I like to put on a baggy old jumper, dig out some classic Ride singles and generally mope about by the record player pretending it's 1991 all over again. Actually, that's not strictly true. Sometimes I pretend it's 1990 (variety being the spice of life and all that).

Blimey, though. Can you believe it's almost twenty years since Chelsea Girl came out? Makes you think, dunnit?

Ride - Chelsea Girl mp3

Ride - Unfamiliar mp3

Ride - Like A Daydream mp3

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact: Despite their golden era clearly being the period around the turn of the 90s, Ride soldiered on until 1996 before finally calling it a day. Actually, that fact may well only be of interest to me, as I sort of lost track of the band after Twisterella, so hearing about their subsequent endeavours always kind of surprises me a bit. Carry on.

Slightly Made-Up Pop Fact(s): After the demise of the band, Andy Bell travelled back in time to form wildly successful but actually slightly dull synth duo Erasure with pop veteran Vince Clarke, who ordered him to sound as much like Alison Moyet on their records as possible. Tiring of what he saw as Clarke's unreasonable demands, a disillusioned Bell eventually left the music business behind to set up the women's clothing chain Oasis, with whom he still plays bass to this day.

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