Monday, 9 March 2009

Really, it's just not cricket

Pressing the red button on the BBC's Freeview interactive service to access the Test Match Special coverage of the latest West Indies v England cricket game a few minutes ago, I was surprised to see the following message at the bottom of the screen:

Due to contractual issues we regret that we are are unable to offer the scorecard.

Eh? They're allowed to bring us the radio commentary of the game on our televisions, but they're forbidden to show us the bloody scorecard? What's that about? I know they used to be able to show it on BBCi but it seems that now Sky or someone (let's face it, it was probably Sky) have objected to the BBC's brazen attempts to keep the non-Sky TV subscribing majority of the UK's population abreast of cricketing events in the Caribbean by providing a handy on-screen visual aid viz the scorecard, so it's had to be removed.

Which means we now actually have to listen to what Blowers, Aggers, Boycotters (or whoever happens to be comment(at)ing on TMS at the time) have to say, and wait until they pipe up with the latest score before we can find out what's going on; a process that can sometimes take literally seconds. God my life's hard sometimes. (I'm joking, obviously. Still, though, how petty!)

Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology mp3*

*I heard this song for the first time in absolutely yonks earlier tonight, in an old episode of the Gilmore Girls. "Life is unfair... kill yourself or get over it". It seemed absolutely appropriate for this post!

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