Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Three of a Kind #79

(photo half-inched from the London Popfest Flickr page)

I saw that Action Biker the other week, at a pub in Hoxton (or was it Shoreditch? I'm seriously not in any danger of collecting a "Knowledge" Green Badge any time soon) as part of the London Popfest (great job Marianthi!). If you've read this blog for any sort of time you'll know that I'm a big fan of Sarah's so it was great to finally see her in action (biker).

And what a set! It was a mixture of the new and the old, with (if memory serves) six tracks from last year's Hesperian Puisto album (Love For Sure, Refridgerator, I Look Out For You, ICA Lappis, Frosty Snow Winter and the title track), as well as long-time favourites like Teve Star, the French grammatics of La Conjugaison Pour Tous, the Young Marble Giants cover Eating Noddemix and the awesome Farrah, which was just about the highlight of the whole day for me.

In fact, she played pretty much all the greats bar Sandy Edwards - but then I'm not sure how well songs about former 'top dogs' in long-running Australian prison dramas would go down among your über-indie London type of crowd. I'd have loved it though!

Ooh, actually there was no The Perfect Job either, now I come to think of it. That might have been a tad anachronistic too, mind, given that it's about delivering newspapers, which is not something that I'd imagine your typical twenty-something pop star would much aspire to at the end of the day (or, indeed, at the beginning of it).

Sarah walked right past us at the bar afterwards but I didn't say anything to her because, well, I was a bit starstruck really. Also, the next band - fellow Swedes Liechtenstein - were on by this time and were playing at such a volume that it would have been impossible to make myself heard over the noise. (That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it!)

Anyway, if twee electro Europop is your bag (daddio) then you should definitely click on the blue Hesparian Puisto link above and invest in some quality Action Biker product. If you're still not convinced, here're a few of the aforementioned tunes to whet your appetite.

Action Biker - Farrah mp3

Action Biker - ICA Lappis mp3

Action Biker - The Perfect Job mp3

(mp3s available for a week)


Marianthi said...

I saw you at the popfest, you know, and totally failed to say hello. Sorry! I promise I will next time.

Liechtenstein are not noise! Watch it. :)

Kippers said...

OK, I'm prepared to compromise on this one: Liechtenstein are noisy (but in a good way. I likes 'em!)

I'm surprisingly dull in real life so not saying hello was probably a wise move on your part!

Marianthi said...

No way! Well, I, on the other hand, am just as quick-witted, exotic and fascinating in real life as what I come across on the internet. So I *will* say hello next, if only in order to blow your mind.

Kippers said...

Heh. Fantastic. I'll be sure to bring my autograph book along. ;)