Saturday, 21 March 2009

Three of a Kind #81

Three songs from the 1997 compilation A Tribute To The Cardigans today tonight. German girl group The Mobylettes cover Hey! Get Out Of My Way, Swedish indie stalwarts Red Sleeping Beauty tackle After All, and Susan Morris's unmistakably English vocal stylings on Automobile's acoustic version of Been It round things off nicely.

Actually it's a bit ironic that Automobile lumbered themselves with such an American-sounding moniker, given how English they obviously are (were). It's a bit like some American band calling themselves Pavement instead of Sidewalk, or something. Tcha! As if that'd ever happen.

The Mobylettes - Hey! Get Out Of My Way mp3

Red Sleeping Beauty - After All mp3

Automobile - Been It mp3

Mildly Obvious Pop Fact: Red Sleeping Beauty took their name from the old McCarthy song of the same name. Honestly, the level of research that goes into these posts is frightening.

My goodness the Cardigans were great though, weren't they? For those first couple of albums, Emmerdale and Life, at least; before they dropped the twee, beefed up their sound and went all serious. I'd also highly recommend a Japanese import album of Cardigans b-sides and rarities that came out in '96 or '97 called The Other Side Of The Moon. It is absolutely brilliant. Even the title's clever (bearing in mind the whole First Band On The Moon thing)!

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Spike said...

I do love that covers album - especially the Mobylettes version of Hey! Get Out Of My Way.