Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tiger Woods '96 Style

June 1996: an explosion in a firecrackers factory in China kills at least thirty-six people; a massive IRA bomb explodes in Manchester city centre injuring over two hundred people; journalist Veronica Guerin is shot and killed in her car just outside Dublin; Steffi Graf wins her twelve-thousandth tennis Grand Slam title at Wimbledon; England goes Euro '96 crazy as the country hosts its first major football tournament since 1966 (apart from the Zenith Data Systems Cup); and Princes Risborough indie popsters Tiger reach the giddy heights of #135 in the UK hit parade with the frankly rather brilliant Shining In The Wood. What a month!

Tiger - Shining In The Wood mp3

Tiger - Where's The Love? mp3

NB: Golfer Tiger Woods did actually turn professional in 1996, but not until August - which was a fat lot of good for the purposes of this post. He turned out to be arguably even more successful than the band Tiger, though, which I dare say will be some sort of consolation for him.

Tiger's (the band, not the golfer) debut album We Are Puppets - yours for £1.83 from Amazon Marketplace

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