Friday, 17 April 2009

Long Time No See See Rider

It's amazing what you can find on the internet sometimes. Having just ripped a brilliant if largely forgotten 1991 indie single, Stolen Heart by See See Rider, from vinyl in preparation for a blog entry (this one, surprisingly), I did a quick Google search to see if there were 'owt to be found about the band on the net - and what do you know, there's a website right here that's more comprehensive than a box set of Grange Hill!

That site was dead handy for background information, anyway, because about the only fact I could remember off the top of my head about See See Rider was that Phil King from Lush was their bassist. But here I learnt, among other things, that the band's originators hailed from East Kilbride; that Stolen Heart was one of only two singles they ever released; and that the plug was pulled on their unfinished album Dust Rocks and Flakes when their label, Lazy Records (also the former home of The Primitives and My Bloody Valentine), went belly up.

Thankfully, though, the bad news ends there as, rather thrillingly, the site has every track See See Rider ever recorded - unreleased demos of the album and all - available for free download! How exciting is that?!

Here's that 7" track that inspired this entry in the first place, anyway. Not only is Stolen Heart dead good, it's also produced by one of my favourite producers from days of yore: Zeus B. Held. (He had to put the 'B' in there so no one confused him with Zeus A. Held or Zeus Y. Held. Just thank your lucky stars you haven't got such a common name. Unless you have - in which case, erm, curse your unlucky stars.)

See See Rider - Stolen Heart mp3

Get yourself over to for much more of the same.

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