Saturday, 18 April 2009

Three of a Kind #84

I got a great compilation CD-R from that Spike the other week. It features oodles of great tunes I'd not heard before - of which here are but three!

Elizabeth Darling (of The Darlings/Allo, Darlin' fame) is a bit miffed - and with good reason. Her ex has been hassling her by email, Facebook and MySpace, and he just won't take no for an answer. Even when she blocks him he still finds ways of reaching her. What a pain in the arse. And besides, he caused his own downfall in the first place by chasing after other girls behind her back; and he only wants to know her now because she's making a name for herself as a singer. Must have got a hell of a shock when he heard this!

Elizabeth Darling - Oh No! Another Email From You! mp3 (right click)

Juni Järvi wasn't someone I'd come across before but I was instantly taken with the Jens Lekman-esque pop stylings of Looking At You Is Like Looking At The Sun. Hmm... does that mean he has to wear dark glasses every time he squints wistfully into his loved one's mince pies, I wonder? My god, did we learn nothing from Peters & Lee?!

Juni Järvi - Looking At You Is Like Looking At The Sun mp3* (left click)

(*this song originally featured on the Eardrums compilation A Good Crop)

To round things off, here's erstwhile Veruca Salt vocalist Nina Gordon with a lovely, mellow acoustic cover of, umm, Straight Outta Compton by NWA! Makes me laugh.

Nina Gordon - Straight Outta Compton mp3 (left click)

Allo, Darlin's website /


Davy H said...

Left click, right click! It's a bloody bloggy hokey cokey!! That Elizabeth Darling is super and I've had to follow it in my little spiel with 'Highschool Stalker' (of course). Talented spod that Spike.

Kippers said...

Aye, 'appen you're right (click)!