Friday, 10 April 2009

Strange Ways Here We Come

Meet The Family Way. That's them in the picture above. Handsome bunch, aren't they? They are (left to right): Shelley Way, Father Way, Scarlet Way and Sister Rae (whose record shop in Berwick Street I sometimes used to frequent).

What I most admire about The Family Way is that they never let the fact that they were a nineteenth century frontier family get in the way of their releasing a slightly weird but wonderful 7" single in about 1998, which I quite possibly heard John Peel play and then most definitely went out and bought. I know and remember literally nothing else about this band; if anyone can furnish me with any other info - spurious or otherwise - about them I'll be eternally grateful. (Well, I will be for an hour or so anyway, until I inevitably forget all about it.)

Anyway - here it is, just for you. I've done 'ripped' it and scanned the sleeve and everything. All for you!

The Family Way - Strange Ways mp3

4 comments: said...

Hey, the link has expired! Just hear Steve Lamacq play this on 6music and I love it!!!!!!! Any chance you could re post or email me?? as I can't find reference to this track anywere other that this here lovely post.

You'll be my friend forever, promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm here for exactly the same reason as Adam. I heard it on BBC6 Music (what a brilliant station). Please post again. You'll have two eternal friends! Cheers, John, Nottingham

Kippers said...

So this is what it feels like being popular!

Hello, chaps! I will post the song again, promise, just as soon as I can get my hands on the computer I uploaded it to originally. Watch this space.

Delia Sparrow said...

hiya - i was in this band...i have copies of the album if you're me if i can get it together i will send a free one to Kippers...