Thursday, 13 August 2009

Perfect pop

A spot of sparkling new indiepop for you today, courtesy of London-based four-piece Perfect People. I can't get enough of this at the moment.

Perfect People - They Don't Make 'Em Like You Anymore mp3

If you like what you hear (and why wouldn't you, frankly?), check out Perfect People's MySpace page for more music, tour dates and the chance to sign up for a free EP. Smashing.

Also, before I go, and with just 48 hours to go before the new English Premier League season kicks off, now might be a good time to remind you about our fantasy football league for 2009/10, the Group of Death (now in its fourth - or possibly fifth - great year!). 26 people have signed up so far; care to make it 27?


dickvandyke said...

Well Brian ... I'm in.

Not often I'm invited to join anything these days. Not since the incident with the bat and the kilt at the Kircaldy Tossers re-union.

Haven't a scoobies how it all works, but it's eyes down for a full house. (Some of these Johnnie Foreigners have awfully tricky names).

Kippers said...

That's the spirit, Dicky. It's well worth a quick squiz at the rules if you get a few spare minutes, to get you fully compus mentus with everything.

Or you could just wing it I s'pose! One golden rule to remember: you get one 'free' transfer per gameweek; any after that and you're deducted four points a time from your total. You do get one 'transfer wildcard' per season, though, which allows you to make unlimited transfers with impunity for that one gameweek.

Actually this is probably starting to sound a bit like the rules to Numberwang, so I'll shurrup!

dickvandyke said...

Mmmm thanks for the re-assurance with the rules Trevor.

Off to Spain this weekend (to do some scouting). Will return ready for the 'business end of the' / 'it's a big ask' / 'win nothing wi kids' / 'money's ruining the game' / 'he's wearing gloves!' / box to box / bollocks.

Kippers said...

Over the moon, Brian. I'm sure you'll give 110% every step of the way.