Monday, 3 August 2009

Three of a Kind #94

Hello you! My, I've really let this place go to pot lately, eh? That's easily enough fixed, though. Let's ease our way back in to the swing of things again with a bit of a light salad, shall we? Why not!

Listen out for the following rhyming couplet in first track Kent, by the way:

Why don't you live in a house in Kent / Spend all your money in Brent

I can't make up my mind if that's one of the worst lines in pop history, or one of the best. Definitely memorable either way.

Salad - Kent mp3

Salad - Diminished Clothes mp3

Salad - On A Leash mp3

Those were the first three singles in the career of what a churl might describe as the Britpop also-rans Salad. I always like them, though, and much preferred them to a lot of the more prominent bands on the scene. Drink The Elixir was my absolute favourite track of theirs, but I've only got that on vinyl and can't really be arsed to upload it just now. Well worth seeking out though if you've not heard it.

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