Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Search Us VII

It's that time again. Just in case you're new to this blog, these Search Us posts are basically a semi-regular round-up of all - or at least some - of the more witless and/or entertaining Google searches that have found their way to this blog, together with some smartarse rejoinders from yours truly in brackets afterwards. It's one of our more popular features - which basically means that about three people like it. All clear? Righto. Eyes down, everyone!

Katie Derham smoking (Quick! Someone put her out!)

What happened to Pontinental? (It got sectioned under the Pontinental Health Act)

stop buying your albums (Allright, but only if you'll buy my albums for me)

Wincey Willis football fan (No, weatherman!)

Wincey Willis 1989 Bank Holiday (I wonder why they scrapped that one?)

Whitstable bird custard (This may well be the best euphemism I've ever heard for seagull shit, even though the searcher here would actually have been looking for this article.)

apple pie background info (it's a pie, it has apples in it, it's got a brother called pork, it has a pathological dislike of mangoes...)

Remember this Flying Pickets text (The one that went "OMG we r wel @#1 in da chartz wiv Only U even tho its 1983 and txtin aint bin invntd yet and wont b 4 abt anuva 15 yrs WTF?!? LOLZ")

dipping rude boys (That'll learn 'em!)

did apple pie come from sweden (The one with the Swedish accent did)

how did apple pie come to the u.s. (It chartered a plane at Stockholm)

eat too much apple (Or you'll what?)

Why don't you add water to apple pie? (I just don't feel like it right now. Now get off my back.)

Kippers laces sing together (As do the voices in my head)

nude woman pies herself (Well, you know what it's like when you're busting for a pie)

Where is Wincey Willis? (at home sulking about the loss of her Bank Holiday, I shouldn't wonder)

I don't like pie that much (thanks for sharing)

bugger me gently Lizzie Birdsworth (Are you trying to get her put away again?)

Katie Derham smokes (so I've heard)

have got a sing a song for to day (Nutjob!)

is wincey willis dead (No, but her public holiday's a goner)

Kippers Netherlands buy fish (What, now?! Can't I buy some at Morrison's instead? It's only round the corner)

tell me a little background on a singer named polly brown (ask me nicely and I'll think about it)

How much apple is too much in one day (a plethora)

kiss girl at bikerkissing (Umm...)

pie haiku (I really like pies / They're tasty and filling too / Although quite fatty)

Frente! - Somethin' Stupid mp3

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