Saturday, 17 October 2009

Three of a Kind #99

It's, like, three songs from the My So-Called Life album. Or whatever.


It's only the best angsty teen drama series ever (in my angsty perpetual teenager opinion)!

Daniel Johnston - Come See Me Tonight mp3

Frente - The Book Song mp3

Juliana Hatfield - Make It Home mp3

Now that's what I call music.

By the way, if you think Make It Home sounds suspiciously like Silent Night (which it does), then this is probably explained by the fact that it comes from the yuletide episode of MSCL in which Juliana Hatfield plays a sort of Christmas angel. Behold her dubious acting skills in this 'ere clip!

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adam said...

I've been watching this with a year eleven group of mainly girls (because I want to) to prepare for a media exam on television drama and it's becoming difficult to get anything done other than watching the next episode. Which, for the time being, is fine by me, we do have until June, after all.