Monday, 19 October 2009

The worst TV programme of all time?


(Thursday 22nd October, ITV2)
Fearne Cotton lets all her inhibitions go and does a spot of pole dancing when she meets Paris Hilton for her new TV show.

The bubbly presenter unleashed her wild side for her ITV2 show Fearne and..., which sees her following around famous women to find out what makes them tick.

Wearing a short zebra print dress, the blonde giggles her way through the routine as Paris looks on in amusement.

But leggy Fearne shows she's more than a pretty face as she twirls around the pole before cracking up.

The Housemartins - We're Not Deep mp3

My Life Story - You Don't Sparkle (In My Eyes) mp3


Marianthi said...
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Marianthi said...

Your tagging is impeccable as it that Housemartins song.

Kippers said...

You're too kind!

That was spooky, actually, as I'd just been over and signed your guestbook only to get back here and find you'd just signed mine. This could be a case for MUlder & Scully (but definitely not Cotton & Hilton).

Davy H said...

What sort of message is this sending to our young people? I wonder what the world is coming to, frankly.

Davy H said...

PS: It'll be good on TV Burp.

adam said...

Everything's good on TV Burp. Although I felt a bit uncomfortable when he was being mean about Nigel Slater.

Kippers said...

Yep, every cloud and all that!

Kippers said...

Sorry adam, I was responding to Davy's second comment there. Another case of simultaneous posting strange coincidenceness. Or something.

Kippers said...

BTW, despite having watched TV Burp again this week, I just had to Google Nigel Slater to find out who he is. The old memory's not what it once was.