Friday, 25 December 2009

Bashing the Bishop

(Pope gets cross)

The BBC One news made me laugh tonight, when the newsreader described that woman lunging at the Pope during Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. The assailant "grabbing him by his vestments" apparently! (No wonder he looked so shocked!)

I'm sure the Pontiff will bear her no ill will, anyway. Oh yes, he's very much a papal person is Benedict XVI.


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dickvandyke said...

I mitre known you'da made light of a potentially sticky incident. As an altar boy, I got tweaked in the vestibule once by Michael Fitzpatrick in return for pulling his bell rope.

Artog said...

It cracked me up as well, I blame Bill Bailey - isn't lunging wildly at the Pope one of his suggested 101 things to do before you die?

Actually, it's not quite so funny when you watch the footage - the attacker looks quite young, he's not really in with a sporting chance. I'd imagined her as some kind of unhinged Mrs Doyle type.