Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Singles of the Decade

According to moi, and in no particular order. This is basically just an excuse for me to dig out some of my favourite songs from the past ten years and inflict them on you in something of a haphazard fashion. So haphazard in fact that the first one was actually recorded in late 1999, which wasn't in this decade at all. (It wasn't released until February 2000, though, so it's in.)

Anyway, the single in question is by Brighton combo Clearlake and it contains not one but two absolutely fantastic songs. And oh look, here they are now.

Clearlake - Winterlight mp3

Clearlake - Jumble Sailing mp3


JC said...

Happy Xmas to all at TMAP.

Thanks for all the great things that have been here this past 12 months. More power to your fingertips....

Kippers said...

Cheers JC!

Merry Christmas to all our reader!


davy h said...

Merry Christmas Kips! What larks! x