Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Sweptaways style

Bit of a Christmas treat for you today, with what are probably my favourite two festive songs from the past decade. Absolute gems the pair of them. If you hear any better Christmas-themed numbers in the next couple of weeks, then please do let me know. (I shan't believe you but let me know anyway!)

The Sweptaways and Marit Bergman - Christmas Party mp3

The Sweptaways and Magnus Carlson - Cry Cry Christmas mp3


dickvandyke said...

By gum Kipster ... you're right!

Where do you find em?

Word Veri .... FERSK
Is that an island or a 'doing' word?

Kippers said...

Down the back of the sofa mostly!

Fersk Among Equals... Terrible novel and TV mini-series by Jeffrey Archer, based on the adventures of playboy millionaire basket-weaver Algernon Fersk. Surely you remember it?