Friday, 11 December 2009

Ride On Time

I had that Anne Soldaat in the back of my cab the other day. Insisted I play his latest single on the stereo so he could sing along so he did. Well, I don't normally go south of the river at that time of night as you know, what with all the crime and the puking punters and what have you, but I made an exception for Mr Soldaat as he's a lovely bloke. He left me a great tip as well: "Buy my new album a bit sharpish, like". Or words to that effect. So I did, and it's bloomin' great. Gawd bless yer, guv'nor.

Anne Soldaat - Going South mp3

'Going South' is taken from Anne Soldaat's album In Another Life

1 comment:

MG said...

You've certainly "Soldaat" one to me, Kipps.

Thank you