Sunday, 20 December 2009

Frank Kelly - Christmas Countdown

In which a pre-Father Ted Father Jack Hackett - or at least the bloke who played him - gives us a humorous take on the traditional Twelve Days of Christmas song. Not as Father Jack, I should add. This was originally released way back in 1982, long before Father Ted would even have been a twinkle in Linehan & Mathews's collective eye. In fact it might have been easier had I not mentioned the whole Father Ted thing in the first place.


Frank Kelly - Christmas Countdown mp3

Mildly Interesting Pop Fact:A number #8 hit in Ireland in 1982, Christmas Countdown reached the dizzy heights of #38 in the UK charts a year later. I vaguely remember this when it crept into the charts although for some reason no UK radio station ever seemed to playlist it, so I never heard it till many years later. Probably got overshadowed somewhat by the contemporaneously released What Are we Gonna Get For Er Indoors? by Dennis Waterman & George Cole, which long-term readers of this blog will possibly remember from Too Much Apple Pie Christmases past. Fascinating, no? Oh.

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