Monday, 21 December 2009

Hamish & Andy on 6Music

Regular 6Music listeners will have heard the trails recently for the arrival of Australian duo Hamish & Andy at the station, initially for a one-off Midwinter Warmer show. Well, the day has now arrived! I'm quite excited about this because I really enjoy these guys' work. Their drivetime show in Australia is absolutely huge, and now we're getting a taste of it over here. If you enjoyed the recently finished (pro tem) Adam & Joe Show on Saturday mornings on the station (it was Adam & Joe's producer James who lobbied to get Hamish & Andy this gig at the BBC) then I think you'll really like these guys too.

Here they interview someone called Russell Brand for their Australian radio show (Ricky Gervais is one of the guests on the Midwinter Warmer, by the way):

And here's Hamish (the funny one) on Australian improvisational comedy show Thank God You're Here:

Hamish & Andy's Midwinter Warmer is on BBC 6 Music this afternoon, 4-7pm.


Ryan said...

totally agree with you, have listened to these guys via the podcast for a few years now and its awesome to hear that the beeb are getting them on over here..

if they work on it right, maybe they can bring back radio where there are presenters who talk!!

Ross said...

I met Hamish at a charity trivia night early last year. Good bloke he is too.