Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Court out, there

Help! An old duffer in a comedy wig and oversized robe has been talking at us for three days straight and shows no sign of putting a sock in it. Is it actually possible to die of boredom? If so, I'm in trouble. "Summing up", my arse.

Time for some of the good shit I think, to relieve the tedium.*

Cornershop - Good Shit mp3

*Shut Up by Madness would have been a far more appropriate choice for today's post, really, but never mind. This blog is nothing if not completely illogical.


Mick said...

Can't help thinking of this.

Kippers said...

I might have to ask my judge to waggle his wig tomorrow now.

Actually, my one's more like an old turtle than anything else.

I think he's pretty much done now btw. So, assuming he doesn't keel over before the morning, we may even be out tomorrow.

dickvandyke said...

Great find Mick.

Did you ever hear 'Here Comes The Judge' by The Vapors? (B side of Turning Japanese I think)

Good luck Kips. How do you get to be Foreman - do you have to be 'walking out with the judge'?
Bet you can't wait to get a grip of the other 11.

Did you see that odd report on juries yesterday
Seems women are more likely to change their mind. They probably visit 17 different scenarios, and then go back to the original one.

Kippers said...

Interesting stuff! Of course, when you've been in the legal game as long as I have... (you use ellipses a lot).

We've not been asked to elect a foreman yet; that must be the last thing the judge comes out with. I don't fancy it anyway. Not since I failed to organise that piss-up in a brewery that time.

Not heard that Vapors b-side before. Maybe some kind blogger might stick it up some time but!