Sunday, 14 February 2010

We Got The Clunk

You really do never quite know what unexpected delights you might stumble across while rummaging through the racks in your local charity shop. Take yesterday, for example. Ambling through Tunbridge Wells I stopped off in the Hospice in the Weald shop, where I was amazed to find an Australian CD of an early Frente release, the five-track Clunk EP. And oh look! here's a picture of it (or one like it) now.

Now, I'm not exactly sure how rare Clunk is, if at all, but I do know that when I originally got my first copy of it back in the late nineties (I was something of a Frente completist at the time) I had to badger my sister - who was living in Sydney at the time - to traipse around various second-hand record shops in her locale and track down a copy for me. Yet yesterday here was this rare CD of music right on my doorstep. Well maybe not right on my doorstep but the music's certainly right up my street. (Arf.)

I think I may well have ended up selling that first copy on eBay in a mad moment, actually. I'll not be selling this latest one, though, oh no. Like Pat Jennings or Bev Evans from Animal Park, this one's a keeper.

(In an uncharacteristic act of generosity, here are all five tracks for your listening pleasure. Paper, Bullets and Walls is my favourite. What's yours?)

Frente - Ordinary Angels mp3

Frente - The Book Song mp3

Frente - Seamless mp3

Frente - Paper, Bullets and Walls mp3

Frente - Nadi mp3


Jeff Hickmott said...

I had no idea you were a local! I've been listing a link to your blog on my blog for some time now and never twigged you were just up the road from me!

Kippers said...

Well Spike's the real local, Jeff. I'm just an asylum seeker from Essex!

Ross said...

Do you have Marvin: The Album?

Kippers said...

Hi Ross. Yes, I do have Marvin.